Case Story 5 - Ready to Maintain but Not Ready to Forgive


Mr Choo, aged 74, was referred by the Social Service Office (SSO) to Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents (CMP) to claim maintenance from his 5 children. He had no contact with them since his divorce more than 20 years ago. Hence, he also wished to reconnect with them.

Mr Choo confessed that he had neglected and abandoned the family in the past. He was initially apprehensive of seeking maintenance from his children, probably out of guilt. After assurance that he could decide later if he wanted to claim through the Tribunal, he agreed to first use the service of CMP. In the meanwhile, he was supported by financial assistance from the SSO.  

CMP's intervention:

CMP managed to conciliate Mr Choo's 5 children who agreed to maintain him at $450 per month. This was despite their allegation that their father was not a responsible parent in the past. 

The father was thankful for their willingness to maintain him. He also accepted that the 5 children were not ready to re-establish contact with him at this juncture. 


CMP was glad that the 5 children were forgiving enough to agree to maintain their father. Their contribution will alleviate much of Mr Choo's costs of basic expenses. The SSO would look into the need to supplement Mr Choo's financial need.