Case Story 2 - Serving Beyond Maintenance: CMP Helps in Parent-Child Reconciliation


Mr Ong, aged 70, was referred by the Social Service Office (SSO) to Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents (CMP). He wanted to locate his 3 children to claim maintenance from them. He had lost contact with them for about 10 years after his divorce with their mother. He was depending on his CPF payouts of $460 a month.  

CMP's intervention:

CMP managed to locate the children. During the conciliation session, CMP offered the children the option of reconciliation with the father. The second child was keen to re-establish contact with her father. She admitted that she still had love for the father. She allowed CMP to pass her contact details to him. Her 2 siblings were not as keen. 

Following CMP's conciliation, the children agreed to maintain their father at $450 per month in total. 
Mr Ong accepted his children's maintenance offer. He was visibly moved when he was told about his second child's desire to reconnect with him. Of his 3 children, he doted most on this second child. 


CMP was glad that the 3 children were willing to maintain their father. CMP was also happy to be the bridge between the second child and the father. CMP hoped that future reconciliation could be possible for the other 2 children.