Case Story 1 - The More Able Child Helping His Less Able Siblings


On behalf of his elderly father (aged 82), Andy approached Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents (CMP) to claim maintenance from his 4 siblings. Andy had little contact with his siblings. 
The elderly was then hospitalised. He was to be transferred into a nursing home after his discharge. Andy wanted his siblings to help with the nursing home fees.  

CMP's intervention

CMP managed to conciliate the 3 children. One son, Ben, did not attend the conciliation session.
During conciliation, one son, Charlie, was unable to contribute due to his low wage. One daughter agreed to pay her own share. Besides his own share, another brother, Dan, offered to pay for Ben and Charlie's share as well.
Andy was happy to learn that his siblings were quite motivated to do their part for their father. He was happy to bear his part of the maintenace for his father.


CMP was glad to have settled the maintenance need of the elderly. Andy did not need to shoulder the entire nursing home bill on his own. It was also comforting to witness a more (financially) able son (Dan) offering help to his less able siblings.